Gift for the boss

An extraordinary solution for a corporate gift for an executive at any level can be... a toy. Yes Yes! You have not come to the wrong site if you are looking for and planning to buy a VIP gift for your boss, director or business partner. Only the toy is not an ordinary one, but, say, a shark made of genuine leather with a charming smile in the shape of a lightning bolt. After all, even for the owner of a reputable business whose day is scheduled minute by minute, it is sometimes useful to look at things with the spontaneity of a child. And remember that any problems and difficult negotiations can be easily resolved if you are a business shark with humor, passion and a relaxed attitude to life!

Leave boring cufflinks, engraved pens and dusty figurines in the past and remind your workaholic boss of the carefree nature of life by gifting him a good-natured bear made of brown and tan leather. It will fit perfectly into the interior of a brutal office and will bring a smile, and then, lo and behold, it will influence bonuses).

If we are talking about a VIP gift for a female leader or a business woman, then you are exactly at the right place. Luxurious handmade toys made from delicate arctic fox fur, funny characters made from vintage textiles, unique keychains, and, of course, boudoir dolls worthy of becoming not only a decoration for an office or room, but also the pearl of a collection that will be passed down from generation to generation...

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Dusky platypus


Teddy 20cm faux fur..

Elephant made of natural fur

$1 043.96

85-90 cm..

Flower bouquet


The flowers are made from fragrant soap, a wonderful decoration for the home...

Fur Elephant


Fur - mink...



The Big Bull is made of natural fur using teddy technology.The fur is very thick, soft and silky to ..