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About Us

Ladies and gentlemen, the exclusive toy store Carolon welcomes you!
We offer unusual, original products - special toys, made in the inimitable author's style exclusively from natural materials. Soft fur, original cut, an extraordinary approach to the manufacture of each model, mobility, elaboration of details and the own story of each character presented on our website are sure to interest people with a little compliance and good support.

We want to tell you why our toys are so special.

In addition to the highest quality materials, modern technologies, experience, and use in creating original toys, our master puts into them, without exaggeration, particles of his soul. This is not mechanical stamping, but handmade work that charges the toys with good, positive energy. Each character is individual and has its own character. This is a wonderful gift for a person of any level and complexity.

Children really like our toys made of natural fur, because no one else will have one like it! They are pleasant to hold in your hands and you can endlessly admire the expressions of a funny face and look at many interesting details. Every child will be glad to have a new friend; he can be trusted with his deepest secrets, and he will carefully protect children's dreams. Our toys are like living things, they need the touch of your hands, and you are unlikely to be able to pass them by.

Having grown up, you will not part with your beloved childhood friend, original toys will serve as a wonderful interior decoration, stylish and original, in addition, taking this bundle of happiness in your hands, you continue to experience a real breath of love and tenderness. That's why our toys especially appeal to girls. Let’s paraphrase the famous catchphrase in a modern way: “A girl’s best friend is designer toys.”

A designer toy made of natural stone fur is a magnificent business gift that will adequately decorate even the most serious business interior. Stylish and light interior toys create a real corner of relaxation, diluting the severity of working moments with their warmth, giving particles of home comfort. And, of course, they are appropriate in the home and family politics. It is not for nothing that such toys over time become not just members of the family, a real family heirloom, they are passed on by inheritance. For each of us, family values are the most important concern in life; warm family feelings help us win and overcome life’s difficulties.

And a little more about the history of our brand.

Carolon is the name of the habitat of the best fur breed - the Barguzin sable (Irkutsk region). We often use this first-class fur to create our exclusive toys. The Carolon company is quite young, 2011 was the year the brand was born, and today it is quite successful in the industry of production and sales of exclusive products made from natural fur. Carolon regularly attends current exhibitions and fairs: Shopping Center Gallery Moscow (TG “FASHION SEASON”). Our products always attract special attention. We also cooperate with such well-known retail chains as: Crocus City, TSUM, GUM, Fashion Season TG, Flower Studio 55, Arkady Novikova, DANIEL children's boutique chain, and beauty salons.

The Carolon creative team is actively involved in charitable activities.

Our designers

We create unique designer toys for special children, soft toys “with meaning” from natural materials. Carolon's designer toys are incomparable lots at charity auctions held with the participation of pop stars. At the moment, most of our company’s charity is aimed at supporting the activities of the New Names charitable foundation, which has existed since 1992. Its organizers are actively searching for, developing music and supporting talents among children gifted in various fields and directions, art, literature, etc. Fellows of the New Names Foundation work a lot, improving their unique abilities, and from nuggets they turn into professionals, real stars. But children always remain just children who, like everyone else, love to play. Сarolon creates symbolic designer soft toys for young talents. For them, this is a special reward - a talisman (mascot), encouragement and an additional incentive to learn and move on.
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