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Symbol of the Year 2024

Finding and buying a gift Symbol of the Year that can pleasantly surprise colleagues and partners is not an easy task. The talented craftsmen of our studio and online store have been masterfully coping with such tasks for almost ten years and creating truly exclusive toys for you by hand, with great love and trepidation.

Non-standard ideas for expensive corporate gifts for partners, colleagues and managers are our profile, our competence and our pride. Because each toy made of silky natural fur, German mohair, alpaca, embroidered with Czech beads and tinted with natural coffee is a real work of art. Most of our toys are quite expensive gifts. But their quality, uniqueness and unique charm make them priceless for the owner, whose amazement and joy will know no bounds, regardless of his gender, age and status. This is what we promise you.

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Faux fur and plastic 27cm..