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Blythe doll artificial hair

  • Product Code: Кукла Блайз искусственные волосы
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  • $439.56

Blythe is a collectible doll, the distinctive feature of which is a disproportionately large head in relation to the body. Inside the head there is an eye mechanism, the design of which allows you to change the color of the eyes and the direction of the doll's gaze.


The structural features of Blythe dolls allow owners to change her image. Working on a doll, altering and modifying it is called “casting”, from the English. custom. The purpose of custom is to make the doll unique in its image (OOAK - one of a kind). Various custom techniques and techniques allow you to change the colors of the doll’s eyes, hair, shape of the mouth and nose, and makeup. The outfit is completely handmade.

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