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The designer toys presented in our store are made using original techniques; only the best materials are used for their production. The smallest details are thoroughly thought out, so the toys look like they are alive, they are pleasant to touch and hold in your hands. They easily change position, taking interesting poses, and enliven the interior.
When sewing our toys, craftsmen use the “Nature” technique (the miniatures look lifelike), the most popular “Teddy” technique, which allows the toy to move its paws, head, and change its position. In addition, creators sometimes use the dry felting technique, which allows them to create the most intricate shapes from wool.
All toys are unique; they are hand-sewn according to original patterns. The body is attached to a special skeleton, often movable, with flexible elements for paws, neck, and tails. The paws and head on the cotter pin fasteners rotate in all directions, thanks to this the toy can sit, lie down, or bend over, but the fastenings, often double, reliably fix the chosen position. Sometimes, for greater reliability, craftsmen use special bolts as connections for the paws and head.
For sewing soft miniatures, special materials of the highest quality are used, often natural, without which it is impossible to create an original designer toy. Thanks to this, the invisible seams are incredibly strong, fraying of the edges of the fabric is impossible, and such a surface lends itself to artistic painting and shading. Our toys are made from luxury German mohair (Schulte factory), thick German alpaca, and natural wool. Italian plush and viscose are used for tailoring.
For toys, craftsmen choose original finishes: noses, paw pads, claws, etc. They are often made by hand from special baked plastic (Fimo soft) or from polymer clay, which is coated with special artistic varnishes. The eyes can be made by hand, or glass ones are used (Germany). The stuffing of toys, in addition to traditional synthetic fluff, padding polyester, and sawdust, sometimes includes granules; to give the toy weight and special tactile sensations, craftsmen choose either mineral (sand from the shores of Lake Baikal) or metal balls.
Designer toys are painted with artistic oil; tinting can also be done from natural dyes (coffee).
Toys are often decorated with special accessories, various pendants, pendants, straps, etc., and each such item is unique - it is the author's work. If the miniature is dressed in clothes, the styles are carefully worked out, the craftsmen choose special materials: Italian linen, cotton lace, cambric, etc.
Each toy is incredible work, painstaking work of a master; not only skill and proven unique techniques are put into it, not only the best materials and designer details, most importantly, a piece of the soul of its creator is put into the toy.